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The Curious Case of the Intestine Man Pictograph Site

Located along Route 313, a mere 15-minute drive from downtown Moab, lies one of the area's more unusual pictograph panels known as Intestine Man. This quick roadside attraction has perplexed archaeologists for decades with its peculiar design.

Trailhead elevation 4,026'

Water None

Don't miss the sheep panels east of the Intestine Man panel

Visiting Intestine Man

Visiting Intestine Man is primarily a roadside attraction, but to explore all the rock art here, visitors will rack up a short quarter mile walk. The parking area is located on the north side of Route 313, approximately 2.8 miles from Route 191 near coordinates 38.648343, -109.723907. Here, visitors will find a six car capacity pull-off, serving as the starting point for both Intestine Man and the nearby Snake in Mouth Panel. To view Intestine Man, simply follow the well-trodden path leading from the pull-off towards the wooden fence towards the left. The panel can be a bit elusive to locate, but the photo below illustrates where to look.

Intestine Man pictographs

A zoomed in photo of the panel reveals three anthropomorphic figures with unique designs. The central figure, Intestine Man, resembles a human-like figure with outstretched arms and an exposed abdominal cavity. Adjacent to Intestine Man on the right, another figure appears to be holding a plant, hinting at a potential harvest scene. However, the precise meaning remains speculative. Like many instances of Native American rock art, the artist's intentions behind this panel remain a mystery.

Directly to the right of the trio of figures, there are depictions of an animal alongside a grouping resembling six anthropomorphic figures, with some seemingly holding hands.

Intestine Man pictographs

Adjacent to that cluster, there is a smaller group of six human-like figures, varying in clarity, accompanied by a snake positioned above them and an indistinguishable depiction below.

Near the Intestine Man pictographs, visitors will find numerous petroglyphs. To access them, follow a clearly marked trail leading right. Just before reaching a wooden fence, visitors will encounter depictions of several box sheep, a circular object, what seems to be a reptilian figure, and various other symbols.

Intestine Man panel

The Intestine Man site is best viewed later in the day when the sun isn't shining directly on the panel. Those with more time might consider hiking to the Snake in Mouth Panel, an exceptional pictograph panel, located less than one mile away.


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