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Bartlett Rock Art Site: It's Definitely Aliens

The Bartlett Rock Art Site is an easy to access pictograph panel near Utah's Canyonlands National Park's Island in the Sky District. The panel features several bizarre depictions, including one that has got to be an alien.

Bartlett Rock Art Site

Trailhead elevation 5,401'

Water None

Hiking to the Bartlett Rock Art Site

The dirt road that leads to the site can be found north of the Lone Mesa Group Campground at coordinates 38.6385918, -109.8108665. At the start of the road you'll find a Bureau of Land Management day use area, no camping sign on the left side. In dry conditions, the road is good for standard SUVs or high clearance vehicles, but sedans should not attempt.

Bartlett Rock Art road

Follow the road for roughly 0.5 miles before reaching a very rocky parking area where you'll find the sign in the photo below. Don't confuse the rock art image on the sign with what you'll find at the site. The image on the sign is not located at this site.

Bartlett Rock Art trailhead

The rock art at this site is located in the alcove in the background of the photo above, but you can see it from the parking area as well. There is a 0.2 mile cairned route along the slickrock leading to the alcove.

Bartlett Rock Art Site

The Barrier Canyon style images were created thousands of years ago and depict strange looking anthropomorphic figures that are tough to explain. I'm sorry, but that's a damn alien below.

Bartlett Rock Art Site

Immediately to the left of what is definitely an alien, is the upper portion of an anthropomorphic figure whose lower half has fallen off the alcove wall.

Bartlett Rock Art Site

The image below is likely three separate images, but it's hard to tell with all of the erosion that has occurred. Looks like another alien to me.

Bartlett Rock Art Site

Near the center of the panel you'll find the upper portion of another anthropomorphic figure whose lower half has also fallen.

Bartlett Rock Art Site

Finally, a close up of the farthest right figure of the panel, another human-like figure that is fully intact.

Bartlett Rock Art Site

Another pretty simple site to visit and definitely worth the time when nearby. I've been out to this site a number of times, each time thinking that I'll find something more than just this panel, but always come up empty handed. I'm sure there's more somewhere close, no dice as of yet.


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