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Bartlett Rock Art Site: It's Definitely Aliens

The Bartlett Rock Art site is an easy to access pictograph panel near the Island in the Sky District of Utah's Canyonlands National Park. The panel features several bizarre depictions, including one that resembles modern day interpretations of an extra terrestrial.

Bartlett Rock Art Site

Trailhead elevation 5,401'

Water None

Hiking to the Bartlett Rock Art Site

The dirt road that leads to the Bartlett Rock Art site starts just north of the Lone Mesa Group Campground along Dubinky Well Road at coordinates 38.6385918, -109.8108665. Under dry conditions, this route is navigable for standard SUVs or larger vehicles; however, most sedans are advised against attempting it. During wet conditions, it's advisable for most vehicles to steer clear of the road.

Bartlett Rock Art road

Starting from these coordinates, proceed along the road for approximately 0.5 miles until it dead ends at a rugged slickrock parking area. At the parking area, visitors will find a large informational sign alongside a clearly defined trail to the left, marked with cairns.

Bartlett Rock Art trailhead

After following the cairned trail over slickrock for less than 0.2 miles, visitors will reach a large alcove containing the Barrier Canyon style pictographs. This alcove can be seen from the parking area, shown behind the informational sign in the photo above.

Bartlett Rock Art Site

Situated roughly 10 feet above ground level, the pictographs exhibit significant weathering, yet retain their fascinating allure. Some sections of multiple pictographs have been irretrievably lost due to fractures along the alcove surface. Among the peculiar depictions is a dark anthropomorphic figure characterized by hollowed eyes and a remarkably unconventional head shape.

Bartlett Rock Art Site

A prime example of the alcove's fracturing is evident just to the left of this depiction, where the lower portion of another anthropomorphic figure has been eroded away.

Bartlett Rock Art Site

The image below showcases three separate anthropomorphic representations, positioned to the left of the depictions in the preceding image.

Bartlett Rock Art Site

Towards the center of the panel, visitors will find the upper section of yet another anthropomorphic figure, with its lower half similarly missing.

Bartlett Rock Art Site

Lastly, located along the right end of the panel, visitors will discover a fully intact anthropomorphic figure, created in red ochre.

Bartlett Rock Art Site

After viewing the panel, visitors can simply retrace their steps back to the trailhead. For those seeking a more adventurous trek, a nearby option is a day hike to the Comet Thrower pictograph site, located just a few miles away and renowned as one of the region's more distinctive rock art sites.


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