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Visit the Tree of Life Petroglyph Site

An easy to access petroglyph panel portraying numerous images, including a tree that appears to have been created with a rainbow above it. This is an interesting stop when traveling through the San Rafael Swell and is within two miles for the turnoff for the rock art at Black Dragon Wash.

Tree of Life petroglyph

Trailhead elevation 4,293'

Water None

Don't miss the pulloff

Hiking to the Tree of Life

The panel is located beside the westbound lanes of I-70. As you're traveling westbound from Green River keep your eyes out for the rock formation in the photo below.

Tree of Life petroglyph

The formation is located at mile marker 148.4 or coordinates 38.9217502, -110.3928335. There is a pull off on the right side of the road that can accommodate four to five vehicles, but be cautious of drivers behind you as you exit the 80 mph highway.

Tree of Life petroglyph

If you're traveling eastbound you can either throw caution to the wind, park on the side of the eastbound lanes and run across the highway, or take the Hanksville 149 exit a half mile later and circle back westbound. If you're traveling eastbound, a good point of reference for where to stop is the Hanksville exit sign which is off to the right in the photo below. After parking, locate the barbed wire fence and pass behind it at the green fence post.

Tree of Life petroglyph

Head east along the base of the formation for roughly 100' before rounding the corner where you'll find the panel about 15' above you.

Tree of Life petroglyph

If you wish to get closer you can do some very minor scrambling to get fairly close to the panel.

Tree of Life petroglyph

You'll find some interesting depictions on the rock face, but what stands out is the tree and rainbow above it. There is a bit of vandalism here, but not as much as you would think given how easy it is to access. Below is a slightly zoomed in photo showing the tree and rainbow, a few human-like figures, an animal, possibly snake depictions, and more.

Tree of Life petroglyph

Pretty simple. The rock art is best viewed early in the day when the sun's light is hidden behind the protruding rock that the panel is located on. If you're planning on visiting the rock art at Black Dragon Wash and traveling westbound on I-70, this would be a good stop beforehand.


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