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How to Get to Utah's Marlboro Point

Home to Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, Moab, Utah is certainly no stranger to spectacular sunrise spots. Canyonlands' Mesa Arch is one of the most photographed sunrise spots in America. It's exceptionally beautiful. Postcard worthy in every sense. Buck Canyon and Green River Overlook fall a few rungs down on the ladder from Mesa Arch, but are also dramatic. Viewing Arches' Turret Arch through the North Window at sunrise is something everyone should try to do once in life. These are some of the best spots to catch sunrise in Moab, but they all have a catch - crowds. However, if you're interested in experiencing a phenomenal sunrise in Moab without the crowds, Marlboro Point is the spot to go to. Located in a remote area between Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park, Marlboro Point offers dazzling sunrise views that you're all but guaranteed to have to yourself.

Marlboro Point sunrise

To get there, start by heading to coordinates 38.5292284, -109.7500984. This is Big Flat Rd and is the second dirt road on the north side of Rt 313 when driving in from Moab. It will be located on the opposite side of the road from mile marker 5.

Marlboro Point Rd

Follow the road until it comes to a junction around a half mile in and follow the road to the right.

Marlboro Point Rd

You'll encounter another junction at 1.4 miles where you'll want to hang a right.

Marlboro Point Rd

At 1.8 miles you'll reach a third junction and hang a left.

Marlboro Point Rd

Once you turn down this road you have two miles to go before reaching Marlboro Point. The road gets progressively rockier as you travel down it and you may not get all the way to the end if you're not comfortable driving down rocky backcountry roads. There are several parking areas off both sides of this road before you get to Marlboro Point, so if you get to a point where you've had enough, park and walk the rest of the way. Most standard SUVs should be able to get within at least 0.3 miles.

Marlboro Point Rd

As you can see in the photo below, this one is not for sedans. The closer you get to Marlboro Point you, the rockier it gets.

Marlboro Point Rd

The photo below was taken about thirty minutes before sunset.

To best experience sunrise here you'll want to get there about 10-15 minutes prior and find a spot that you're happy with. Just about anywhere is good, but there are definitely some better than others. It's pretty damn magical watching the sun light up the tops of Birds Eye and Crows Nest Buttes. The Abajo Mountains are directly in front of you to the south and the La Sal Mountains to your left/east. The photo below was taken about fifteen minutes after sunrise.

There are fire rings near Marlboro Point, so I assume that you can camp up there. I've been out there a number of times, but this year was the first time that I camped for the night. The photo below was taken thirty minutes after sunrise and as you can see the sun's light has traveled all the way down the buttes.

I've gone out and flown my drone at Marlboro Point a few times trying to get different angles, but they're all pretty nice. The area that I took these photos from has been my favorite so far. The farther right you are, the better in my opinion.

If you use Google Maps to get you there it'll tell you to turn onto a dirt road from Rt 313 that isn't there any longer. However, if you head to the coordinates near the start of the article and plug in Marlboro Point into Google Maps from there it'll lead you to the right place. If you plan on going there for sunrise and are staying near downtown Moab, plan on it taking you an hour to get there, just in case you decide to walk a portion of the road.


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